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Terms of use

Please keep in mind that this is a service provided by IMS Enterprises and an internet handling fee will be charged to you at the time of processing. This internet handling fee is 'not' charged by your county and your statement will include a charge from IMS Enterprises or IMS Web Services along with the normal charge from the county for your tags.

Please do not use this online system to renew your tag or business license if you do not want to be charged an internet handling fee.

This website and online renewal system was developed by IMS Enterprises Software located in Florence, AL. The purpose of this web site is to provide a quick and easy way for residents of different counties/states to renew their tags and business licenses online. The transactions performed on this renewal system are secured by 256 bit encryption and require a browser to be capable of reading 256 bit encryption.  If you are using IE 5.5 or later, your browser will proceed to the next page.  If you are using IE 5.01 or earlier you must upgrade your browser here, or install the Microsoft 256-bit encryption pack, found here.

If you have any problems during your online renewal please contact us here.

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